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Carbine Studios Dev Reddit Tracker

It simply looks for recent comments made by Carbine employees and is built every 5 minutes or so. Just recently added 8 more Carbonites!
Following: CRB_Hugh, CRB_Gaffer, CRB_Cougar, CRB_Merkal, CRB_Clynch, CRB_Scooter, CRB_Atreid, CRB_Asyreal, CRB_Bardic, CRB_KevinLee, CRB_Steven, CRB_Anlath, CRB_Jesta, CRB_MrSmiley, CRB_Timetravel, CRB_Caydiem, CRB_Pancake, CRB_Virtue, CRB_Const, CRB_Jtal, tonyrey13, CRB_TLang, CRB_Aych, CRB_Nohbob, CRB_Faco, CRB_Hildogen, CRB_Moja, CRB_Tyrius, CRB_Tranagram, CRB_Raijinn, no-tec, and jkurtenacker

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