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11367 Census Entries So Far

Simply build charts based on the survey below. Registration is not required so feel free to add your planned character.
Note: The character genders chart DOESN'T include the Chua race because they do not have genders.

WWS Census Just Got Wiped

I did a wipe and changed some rules. You can add a new character every day. Also, there is now a tradeskill selection. Currently, the tradeskill chart isn't added.
You can now make the census system more relavant to you by simply changing the above URL. For example: will add characters and build charts based on that URL. This feature is intended to help guilds. Enjoy!
Note: This feature is in its early testing stages.

Known Issues:

If you wish to display a pie chart, please make your selection above.

Chua are genderless so the census charts will ignore their gender.
Carbine has confirmed that Chua CAN be Medics so I made them available. Sorry to all those who already filled out the form. Just wait until next week!
Ideal for hybrids and support roles that don't seem to fit in the Tank and Healer roles.
There aren't available details on role-playing servers but it can't hurt to include it, right?

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